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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Your teacher is the outstanding Mrs S. Torres.

Leavers Poem 2018


St Hilda’s doors close as the year comes to an end

Off to secondary school our Year 6 we send.

Another door opens, towards the future and change,

They all have enthusiasm, resilience and skills, a wide range.

Each learning opportunity, each tear, each smile,

Every achievement we’ve shared with them along the mile.

Aaliyah is our expert in the performing arts,

In years to come we’ll see her taking on many parts.

Our man of manners, concern and care for all,

Ayyan knows, no mountain is to tall.

At running Chloe shows great pace,

She is tough competition in any race.

If there is a date or fact we don’t know,

Theo is the man to whom we must go.

Jack can solve problems in a logical way,

On the school website – give the clip a play

Tami has a pair of dancing feet,

Which move to the music with any beat.

I’m sure we will soon see her on TV

Willow can let those Shakespeare characters free.

Morgan is a very sociable creature

Her smile is always a dominant feature.

A quick calculator, a mathematical brain,

Tilly’s mental maths is the speed of a train.

Carly’s work has imagination and flair,

About doing her best, she really does care!

Maddie is one of the quieter ones,

Until it comes to singing our songs.

A wonderful voice used with courage and skill

Lulu attacks all challenges with determination and will.

Al Hassan’s general knowledge is beginning to grow,

Challenging himself, in his work it does show.

Daisy loves everything, particularly the ‘goss’

Not having her at school will be a big loss.

On residential she gave everything a go,

Ella’s talents are expanding , enthusiasm she does show.

Austin is quiet and shy,

He is willing to give everything a try.

Madeleine is focused and always aims high

A future leader, reaching for the sky.

Jekabs enjoys his learning activities outdoors,

Exploring and art are things he adores.

This year, Aaron joined the school late,

But in everything he is happy to participate.

Jamie has been at St Hilda’s from the start,

In school life, he takes a full part.

Poppy’s creative, and often writing,

Her thoughts of being an author are very inviting.

Michael is our resident computer whizz,

Without him St Hilda’s staff will be in a tizz.

Harley is caring towards the younger classes,

Developing maturity as time passes.

Alex is everyone’s friend,

On him you can always trust and depend.

We wish them all every success

We know they can achieve and be the best.

Driving themselves and achieving their goals,

Moving on in life, taking on many roles.

Good luck all, go fly

The memories will always be there, this is just a goodbye.


We are leaving Hilda’s conga

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Leavers’ Song

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Magnificent Maths


We have been working hard to develop our reasoning skills in mathematics.  The children were all given mathematical questions or statements to discuss and provide proof to prove or disprove them.

Is 7,432 a square number?

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Rhombus or Square?

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Is 60 the lowest common multiple of 2,5 and 6?

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A quadrilateral with all four seeds equal is a square

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Is the circumference of a circle 3 times the diameter?

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Manchester Cathedral Leavers' Service

Poetry Day with Ian Bland




Each week the children are given out homework on a Friday to be returned by Wednesday morning latest. They will receive a Maths and Literacy focus. 


Reading remains a skill that is highly important. Therefore, we expect children to read every night with an adult and if at times this is not possible at least 10 minutes a day independently. We ask that parents/carers sign their child's homework diary to show that this has been completed on a regular basis.


Please make sure you bring your reading book in everyday.


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