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We have tried a different approach to rioting during this unit.  First, we read a model text and discussed the ‘shape of the text’ by identifying the function of the different paragraphs. Once we knew the shape, we annotated a different example.

Together, we then broke the text into sections and wrote a shared/ whole class example called How To Grow A Strong Mind.  Each day, we focused on using different sentence types and grammatical structures to make our writing as good as possible. This is called sentence stacking. Our teachers compiled the different sentences to create our class text.

Once we had finished our shared work, it was time to apply our understanding of our learning to write our own examples of instructions.

The shape of the text

Sentence Stacking

Our shared text

Planning our own instructions

Independent writing

Lizzie and the Birds

We have used the book Lizzie and the Birds as a stimulus for our writing.  We have concentrated on writing in role; developing our characterisation skills. Along the way, we have revised sentence types, recapped on direct speech and introduced reported speech and relative clauses. 

Introduction to the text and predictions

Meet the birds

Tornado Time

Recount of Events

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