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                      Homework Help

Primary homework is full of easy to read information and facts on many topics.

                           BBC Bitesize

New BBC Bitesize with links to the New Curriculum Subjects.                                                                               

Maths, Literacy and Science 



                          Whole School

Letter-join is an on-line resource for teaching cursive handwriting at home and at school. It uses interactive animations to demonstrate joined-up letter formation and hundreds of worksheets for handwriting practice.





                        Foundation Stage

Explore the wonderful world of CBeebies with many of your favourite TV characters.                                                                                          


              BBC Bitesize Key Stage One                             This is a fun and interactive site for KS1 children focusing on Maths, Literacy and Science.                                              


                        BBC Bitesize KS2

This is a fun and interactive site for Key Stage 2

children focusing on Maths, Literacy and Science.                                                   



                   Top-marks Learning Games                          Fun and interactive learning games from aged 3-14.                                                 


               Fun Kids Online Maths Games                         This site covers the entire range of Mathematics skills needed by children of all ages and abilities.                                                          



                                   ICT Games                                   ICT games is a fun and interactive site that has games  that test children's Maths and Literacy Skills.      


                                 Crick Web  

This site has 265 interactive teaching resources and games for children aged 4-11.




                   BBC Primary School History

Discover different periods of time with BBC History for Primary Schools.


                            BBC History for Kids

Explore different periods of time with this informative website.

Modern Foreign Languages


                                  BBC French

This site will help KS2 children become more secure with developing a second language though videos and a wide range of vocabulary under easy to navigate headings.




This is a free computer programming site where the children can create their own unique worlds through coding.



                              Purple Mash

Each child in school has a unique password to access this site and produce a variety of computing work in line with the New National Curriculum.

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