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What can we learn from Ancient Mayan Civilisation?

Can children place the Ancient Mayan civilisation on a world history timeline?  What was Britain like at the start of the Ancient Mayan civilisation? This rigorously researched and creative topic will help children learn the answer to these questions and many more about the rise and fall of this highly significant and innovative civilisation.

Cooking - Recipes linked to Ancient Maya

In this session the children made a chocolate cake flavoured with chilli. This was a popular combination, even in AD 900. Unfortunately, Mayans did not use sweeteners or milk so theirs wouldn't be as nice as ours!

The Mayans were excellent stone masons. We can learn about them from the images they left on tombs and rocks. We have tried to replicate this skill using soap blocks instead of stone. It was great fun but very time consuming and a difficult skill to master.

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