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Misty Mountain Sierra

Mighty mountains rise above the morning mists, imposing and eternal.
During this half term, we’re going up in the world, visiting a hill, upland area or moor, and noticing how the weather changes. Back in the classroom, we’ll use a range of maps, information books and websites to write a recount of our visit.
We’ll find out where the highest mountains are, learn how to use a compass and make 3-D mountain models. Inspired by the magnificent mountains of the world, we’ll complete graphs showing heights, look at webcam and satellite images and create wonderful weavings. Using our literacy skills, we’ll write mountain-shaped poems and compose songs about the water cycle. We’ll also examine how mountains are displayed on a map, and build a water cycle to look at changing states
of matter.
At the end of the project, we’ll  invite you to a presentation that will showcase our geography skills. Finally, we’ll think about our personal ‘mountains’. What are our goals and how will we achieve them?

Our prior knowledge and questions

Atlas work, locating mountains, obtaining information and using a legend

Digital Art - Comparing mountain sizes

Watercolour Mountains

After researching the heights of some of the famous mountains, we were able to produce a scaled picture using publisher (where the size of an image is displayed.) We compared the heights to the height of the worlds tallest building - The Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Learning about Contour Lines


Still image for this video
Isaac produced a video on book creator to show how mountains are formed.


Still image for this video
Fatimeh produced a video to explain how mountains are formed.
Read our reports all about mountain types.

Our fantastic homework projects!

Useful Websites:
Images and virtual tours
Mountain heights
Compass directions
Mountain views

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