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What is it like on Safari?

Children look closely at the continent of Africa. They recognise that it is a huge and diverse land with many different countries and widely varying landscapes and climates. They look at the different animals (habitats and how they live) across the continent and link this to the variety of climates and landscapes.

Statistics - Data Collection and Bar Charts

On the 6th February we looked at how important internet safety is. We remembered one simple rule to keep SMART!


In small groups we made PowerPoint presentations and collectively created a video presentation aimed at Key Stage One children.


You can see our final video and get access to great online safety sites via our internet safety page. 

Identifying different parts of a flower.

Writing - Traditional African Tales

Making poetry FUN!

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Kenning Poetry

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Who am I?

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What am I ?

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What am I?

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Branching Database's

Africa Continent or Country?

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