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At St Hilda’s, we recognise that the ability to read independently is one of the most important skills that we can teach our children from the very earliest age. It allows access to all other areas of the curriculum and is a vital life skill. The most effective way of teaching young children to read is through a structured phonics programme. Therefore, in order for our children to read any kind of text fluently and confidently, and to read for enjoyment, the systematic teaching of reading through phonics is vital. Phonics is also important in teaching children to spell. At St Hilda’s, we want our children to become confident and fluent in spelling decodable words and high frequency words appropriate to their age. We also want our children to use ambitious vocabulary in their writing and not let spelling be a barrier to this.

To support the planning and delivery of phonics in school, we use the ‘Supersonic Phonic Friends’ scheme of work, by Anna Lucas. 


Sessions are taught daily for 30 minutes and have a clear structure following the model: Revisit & Revise, Teach, Practise and Apply.


With 'Supersonic Phonic Friends', we 'wrap our children' in rhyme' to ensure they 'hear the sounds in the words they speak'. 



Cheeky Sneaky Sid

Sid is funny, cute and sneaky… not to mention a little bit cheeky!


Jazzy Jack and Magic Mack

Jack and Mack help us to hear more than 3 sounds in a word, they bring the sound to life so it can be heard.


Listening Len and See it Sam

Listening Len helps us hear the sounds in the words that we speak and See it Sam helps us see and remember the spellings each and every week.


Seb, Bill and Ben

Meet the three musketeers, Segmenting Seb, Building Bill and Blending Ben, who help you pick up a book and a pen!


The twins – Rex and Ron

Introducing our twins Reading Rex and Writing Ron who are so bright. These guys help us to read and write!


Suze and Mitch

Choose to use Suze and switch it to Mitch are so very cool, they help us switch the spell sound and the choose to use rule!


Tricky Tess and Nonsense Nan

Let us introduce you to Nan and Tess, they help us read those silly words which make no sense and make reading the tricky words fun and immense!




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