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Are you fit? (Teeth and Digestion)

Are you fit?

In year 4, we will be looking at a fun health-based topic. We will be looking at our bodies and how we keep them healthy. We begin to look at the wonders of the digestive system through fun, yucky experiments and begin to look at our teeth and how we look after them.  In this half term, we also look at food technology and will be baking and cooking lots of different foods and we will think about healthy eating and what a balanced diet looks like. 


What do you already know about your teeth and the digestive system?

What would you like to find out?


Can you share some facts with me in class?

Subject Links

Underneath, I have added lots of fun and exciting websites for looking at teeth and the digestive system - have a look at them! Can you write down some facts that you find out and bring them into school for some extra dojo points? 


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