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Our Vision and Values


Mission Statement

‘Learning and growing together in Christ’

St Hilda’s provides a safe, happy and stimulating environment which empowers everyone to flourish as unique individuals and embeds a life-long love of learning. Underpinned by Christian values, every child is given the opportunity to fulfil their true potential, learning and growing together in Christ.

Our  Vision


 The Seed of Faith

 Through faith we are ‘Learning and growing together in Christ’ so that we will become inquisitive, independent, resilient citizens and have the compassion, curiosity and courage to flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness, in the modern world.


Our vision is rooted in scripture:


“Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.” 

Matthew 13 v32




Our Values flow from our Vision

The Seed of Faith

The mustard seed is one of the tiniest, most insignificant seeds found in the Middle East. The mustard seed grows up to 10 feet tall in just a few short months, highlighting the raw potential of a small, seemingly insignificant seed. The mustard seed in the parable grew into a big, strong tree and the same can be said for faith: Where there is a tiny bit of faith, it can grow exponentially, spreading its influence far and wide and benefiting those who it comes into contact with. A seed does nothing until it is planted. After that, it can overcome obstacles and even move rocks through its continuous expansion and growth. Mustard seeds are persistent and they never give up. Where there is faith, there is a way.


When Jesus told the parable, He compared it to having faith in, and loving, God. When children, like you, or adults begin to love put their faith in Jesus, their love is like a tiny mustard seed before it is planted in the ground. It starts out very small at first. Then when you keep on listening to what Jesus says and obeying Him, then the love grows bigger and bigger. Soon it will grow like the big mustard tree.
You can also find this parable in Mark 4:30-32; and Luke 13:18-1.


"I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."
Matthew 17v20


Our Christian Values:

‘Creativity, Thankfulness, Perseverance, Love, Hope, Service, rooted firmly in Faith.’



Faith (Matthew 17 v20)

To ensure every child is nurtured in order that they develop self-belief, confidence and faith in their own ability and achieve their full potential


Creativity (Psalm 139 v13)

To help children to explore how special and unique they are;

To ensure pupils and staff are given a wide range of opportunities to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit;

To ensure pupils have access to a deep and rich curriculum

To ensure children are thankful for, and look after God’s created world.


Thankfulness (Colossians 2 v6-7)

To teach all members of our school community to be thankful for all that God has given us: the physical world, our human potential and our spiritual calling;

To encourage all to be thankful by caring for all God has given us and developing our gifts and talents to their full potential.


Perseverance (Hebrews 10 v36)

To teach our pupils to face challenges, developing empathy, resilience and determination to achieve the very best they can.


Love (John 15 v12)

To develop friendships, caring for, supporting and loving each other, whilst celebrating the unique gifts and talents of all;

To foster a community where all can learn to give and to receive forgiveness.


Hope (Jeremiah 29 v11)

To develop an awareness that hope, based on God’s love for all through Christ, is where confidence and a positive self-image, peace of mind and purpose in life can be found;

To develop confidence in the notion that God is at work through his grace, for human flourishing to occur;

To ensure school leaders' breadth of aspiration for children (and staff) moves far beyond academic achievement alone.


Service (John 13 v14-15)

To inspire pupils to show compassion for others and to be courageous advocates, standing up for others in school and in local and global communities;

To ensure staff serve our pupils well through quality-first teaching and effective pastoral support.


Living out our Christian Vision

  • Curriculum offer (questioning curriculum, incl. trips, visits and visitors) to ensure cultural capital
  • Curriculum golden threads, Curiosity, Knowledge, Skills, Independence, Enrichment
  • Pastoral care & relationships
  • Extra-curricular offer
  • Inspiring and exacting collective worship
  • Well-being for all is a priority (wellbeing charter for staff & wellbeing policy)
  • Behaviour Policy & school rules- Rights & Responsibilities
  • Pupil outcomes (attainment & progress)
  • Strong attendance data
  • Supporting charities (global, national and local)
  • Courageous advocacy
  • Trauma-informed approaches
  • Mental Health First Aid .


Links to policies:

Charges & Remissions policy

Wellbeing Policies (staff & pupil)

SMSC Policy

British Values Policy.



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