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The Seasons

Children explore and discover what happens in each season. Looking closely at weather, plants and animals. They will focusing on hot and sold, light and dark and  will investigating: what is a plant? What do we need to make plants grow? What are nocturnal animals?  How does the season affect them?

I want my hat back.

After reading 'You Must Bring a Hat' the children looked at the book, 'I Want My Hat Back'. A story about a bear who is looking for his hat so he can go to the party. The children the acted out in the role of the bear or the rabbit. 

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Beep Beep Day

The children took part in beep beep day. We made a road and took turns to cross the road safely and pretend to be cars safely. We listened to a story about a girl crossing the road and then played different games to learn about road safety. 

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