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Plant Investigation

The children were so excited to set up their investigation to see which plant grows best.  They have a seed with water, sunlight and soil, one without soil, one without water and one without sunlight.  I wonder which one it will be???
Year 3 have been looking at a variety of plants, trying to categorise them in different ways.  Some grouped them according to whether they could be eaten, others grouped them by colour.  We then looked at the difference in the types of roots they have and grouped them into fibrous roots and tap roots.  The children watched a video to find our more information about these types of roots. I wonder if they can tell you all about them at home???


Year 3 have learnt all about the different types of skeleton, including an endoskelton, an exoskeleton and a hydrostatic skeleton.  They have also found out about the different jobs our skeleton does and have been able to label the bones of a human skeleton. Year 3 enjoyed the selection of video clips we watched, which taught us all about skeletons.

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