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Sow, Grow and Farm

In the Sow, Grow and Farm project, the children will learn about allotments in the United Kingdom and how the government encouraged people to have them to support food rationing during the Second World War. They will learn about food webs and animal life cycles, including how living things are dependent on one another within a habitat. They will investigate the different ways that plants reproduce and will dissect flowering plants to identify the different structures. They will have the opportunity to learn about farming in the United Kingdom and the techniques used in modern farming, including the challenges that farmers face. They will learn about the benefits of eating seasonally and about the pros and cons of importing food. They will also learn about world farming and how the different climate zones affect where different foods can be grown.

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Allotment Applications

Once we had researched what makes a good allotment, we reviewed three allotment applications and decided which would be the most suitable.

Reproduction in plants.

We researched asexual reproduction in non flowering plants and how one plant can create exact replicas of itself. We then went onto looking at sexual reproduction in floweing plants, where two parent plants are required. We learned about the different male and female parts and how we could remember them. Dissecting lillies helped us to see the different parts that are essential to pollination.

Seasonal Menus

We used the BBC Good Food website to research seasonality as to grow things and get them at their absolute best, the conditions for growing have to be just right.  After looking at what fruit and vegetables are in season during October, we created our own seasonal menus.
We tried lots of seasonal vegetables in our design anf technology lessons.  We are planning how we can combine different flavours to make tasty and wholesome soups.

Dig for Victory 2020

After learning about the hugely successful Dig for Victory campain from WW2, we looked at how this could benefit us nowdays.  We designed posters to advertise the new campaign.

Case Study - Jersey Royal potatoes

End of Unit Project

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